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Our Services

Whether it be a bespoke training program for your organisation or team, or individual coaching or mentoring for select individuals, we can tailor a solution for you. 

Leading People

Due to the diversity and complexity of people, leadership can be equally challenging and rewarding. Our programs are designed around a number of success factors that every people leader should keep in mind. We cover key areas of focus and learning for new leaders through to programs designed to enhance and build upon the skills and knowledge of experienced leaders. 

Resilience and Stress Management

How resilient is your organisation and the people within your organisation? Change is now truly constant and people are being asked to learn new technologies, adapt to shifting business environments and in many cases; to 'do more with less'. And this is just in the work environment. When your people come to work, they bring the whole person with them, and your people have personal circumstances, challenges and concerns that can impact their ability to perform productively. 

Our Resilience and Stress Management programs are designed to deliver practical and easy to apply strategies that provide evidence based results. 

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is well-recognised as a critical area of expertise for both career success and effective working relationships. Competencies of emotionally intelligent behaviour include; Self-Awareness, Awareness of Others, Managing Self and Influencing Others. 

With access to a range of emotional intelligence profiling tools, we can work with you to select the resources and reports that best suit your emotional intelligence development goals. 

Thinking and Communication Preferences 

DiSC is a leading profiling tool that enables people to improve productivity, increase teamwork and enhance communication. Individuals and teams are able to improve working relationships through understanding the communication preferences of themselves and others along with developing strategies to engage with those of differing preferences. 


Rachel's knowledge and in particular her caring nature and passion for personal development make her a fantastic facilitator of the EQi 360 program. Rachel facilitated this course for me and it was the single most transformative professional program I've participated in. The EQi 360 program is quite confronting as it reveals deeper personal issues impacting emotional intelligence in the workplace (and outside of work). Rachel was very supportive and understanding as I opened up to realising and accepting where I was at and then very resourceful when I was ready to move forward and grow. I recommend any with the opportunity to experience Rachel's guidance through a similar process to take it.

Tim Robertson,Project Manager

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